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time. Untangling your wigs will probably be the most common routine maintenance task that you will need to do. Although pulling harshly won't cause you any pain with a wig, it may cause the hairs to come lose and possibly break. Always be gentle and use a very wide toothed comb to remove all the tangles.

Synthetic Wigs

Washing Wigs

You also need to be gentle when you are washing wigs. Washing a wig should only ever be done when it is really needed and you should always avoid washing it too regularly. Wash the wig only when it starts to look dirty. You should also wash the wig using proper wig shampoo as directed. Ideally you should agitate the water rather than rubbing it directly onto the wig.

Storing Wigs

When not wearing your wig you should place it on a special wig stand. This will help the wig to retain its natural shape without allowing it to get squashed or damaged.

Wigs, especially real human hair wigs are very expensive. You will need to learn how to take good care of them otherwise you will harm them.

Washing Wigs